About Hawk IP

Our vision

Less time managing your IP, more time creating it.

Our Founder, Dr Michael Fielding, cut his IP teeth growing a patent and trademark portfolio from 5 to 55 families, with over 200 individual patents – while juggling managing technology development projects and a team of engineers. In the middle of that multi-year effort, it became obvious that a better system was needed than Excel, on which the company had been relying on at that point.

Finding the other systems over-complicated, unnecessarily expensive, and aimed at patent attorneys or enterprises with really huge in-house portfolios, Dr Fielding built an in-house system which even impressed the various attorneys the company was using. It had the basic capability of task tracking which cut down late fees and ensured filings were prepared properly, ahead of deadlines.

Once that company was sold, Dr Fielding left to found Hawk IP – with the vision to build the easiest and quickest to use IP management tool for small and medium-sized businesses and other organisations.

The design goals included:

  • no training required – or at most, a short video;
  • easy to sign up for – no wait for a demo;
  • very simple and quick to enter data – acts a bit like an intelligent version of Excel;
  • really clear visual indicators of any upcoming deadlines;
  • record everything, to save people time by keeping the history intact, as well as the current state.

We think we’ve achieved these, and more! Why not see for yourself, and Try it now!.

Key facts

  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Operating since 2008.
  • Ongoing business is the provision of IP management tools and advice to small and medium sized technology companies and their IP professionals.


Legal Information

Hawk IP is a trading name of Microneer Limited, registered in New Zealand with registration number (NZBN) 9429042096412.