Applying to Register a Trademark

It is possible to apply for a single trademark in one country, an international trademark in certain countries throughout the world (See the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol), or a Community Trademark through OHIM which offers European protection.

Applying in One Country

  • Companies House in the UK is the place to register your name, however company law is different to trademark law and does not give the same rights.
  • Application fees for a trademark are paid to the appropriate PO office.
  • Renewal fees are paid every 10 years once granted.

Timeline for a UK Trademark Registration

  1. Before filing, make sure that your trademark is a distinctive word, picture, logo or other sign which has not been previously registered as a trademark.  A preliminary search can be carried out on TMview, which offers access to approximately 6 million trademarks drawn from 14 offices – Benelux, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, OHIM, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and WIPO – free of charge.
  2. After approximately 1 month, an examination report will be sent from the UK IPO identifying any potentially conflicting marks, or other objections.
  3. If the examination outcome was a rejection of the application, the applicant is given 2 months to attempt to overcome the problems pointed out by the trademark examiner and file a response to the rejection.
  4. Once accepted, the application is then published by the UK IPO in the Trademark Journal, published every Friday, who also contact any parties with potentially confusing trademarks to allow them the right to oppose your application.  The parties are given 2 months to file an opposition.
  5. If no one opposes the application, or you can overcome their issues, the trademark is registered and a certificate is issued.


A detailed help booklet published by the UK IPO can be found here.