How much does the Patent Procedure cost?

A patent is an expensive right to obtain, and so knowing where to look for typical patent office fees and patent attorney costings can help clarify a reasonable budget for the procedure.  This article is a “one-stop shop” for just that, and gives useful links to up-to-date fee guidance for different jurisdictions, as well as average patent attorney charges.

Official costs

To start, it is worth thinking about the different “official” costs incurred, depending on the jurisdiction.  The table gives a list of possible outlays when applying and maintaining a patent.  Thinking about fees in more detail, the table also includes links to typical costs for each stage of the application.  Fees shown in the table for patent attorneys are subject to change, and only indicate a general case.  Cases may be more complex and difficult, possibly encountering several objections during prosecution, which will significantly increase costs.  Likewise, costs may be less.

Your First Filing Country
PCT (+12 months)National Phases (+30 months)
National Validations (when EP-granted)
Post-Grant Maintenance
Official application fees (including search)

Patent Attorney Fees

several £K in UK

Similar to UK

Similar to UK

Foreign Patent Attorney/Agent Fees

Similar to UK
Examination Request Fees

~ £2K
Translation fees

~ £1K per language
Application maintenance fees

Prosecution fees (each country)

average several £K's

average several £K's

average several £K's
Annuities agent fees (optional)

Combination of fees for national and international jursidications


For up-to-date fees for the different jurisdictions, see below:

For UKIPO fees click here.

For PCT fees click here.

For EPO fees click here.

For EPO application maintenance fees click here.