What are Country Codes?

Country codes are 2-letter codes which represent a designated country or territory.  The WIPO Standard ST.3 documents the recommended codes to be used by IP Offices in any capacity where States, other territories and intergovernmental organisations need to be recognised.  For the observant amongst you, it will be obvious that the country codes are the same as those set out by the ISO Standard 3166.

In addition to countries, there are codes for intergovernmental organisations which cover certain contracting states under the PCT.  These are listed in the table below:

OAAfrican Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI)
APRegional African Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO)
QZCommunity Plant Variety Office
EAEurasian Patent Office
EPEuropean Patent Office
GCGulf Cooperation Council
IB or WOInternational Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation
EMOffice for Harmonization in the Internal Market