What does a Patent Document Contain?

A granted patent document contains a whole host of useful information.  That is, useful if you have an understanding of what it is you are looking at!   This article has been designed to cover several common questions about certain components on a patent document, in particular on the cover page.

What is the International Patent Classification?  – An article describing the hierarchical system of symbols according to the different areas of technology a patent or utility model encompasses.

What is the International Publication Number and Date?  – An article describing the need for a publication number.

What is Priority Data?   –  A common question, answered by discussing what priority data offers in terms of usefulness.

What are Country Codes?   –  An article describing where to find internationally recognised and used codes for countries and intergovernmental organisations.

What are the designated Contracting States?     – Used for PCT applications, this article describes what designating a contracting state means.

What are Kind Codes?  – Used on patent documents worldwide, the codes used to describe the status of an application are discussed in this article.