What is the Difference between Registered and Non-Registered Intellectual Property?

This article also answers the following questions:

  • What are examples of registered intellectual property?
  • What are examples of non-registered intellectual property?
  • Why is it important to register intellectual property?

Registered and Non-registered Intellectual Property Right Types

What is Registered Intellectual Property?

Registered intellectual property gives the owner rights over the monopoly of the concept.  Examples include patents,trademarks, design rights, domain rights and plant breeder rights.

What is Unregistered Intellectual Property?

Unregistered intellectual property only prevents others from copying the concept.  Unregistered trademarks, copyright and database rights are all unregistered.

Why is it Important to Register Intellectual Property?

Having rights on your intellectual property is valuable in that it forms the basis of an infringement action against other parties in the geographical region in which you have protected your concept.