Callaghan Innovation Coupon

As part of Callaghan Innovation’s Innovation IP programme, NZ-based companies can get free access to the Hawk IP Dashboard until at least 30 June, 2016.

To get free access, sign up using the coupon code:


Let your Callaghan Innovation Business Innovation Advisor or Customer Manager know you’re using the Hawk IP Dashboard.


  • The coupon code may change at any time – the latest code will be published on this page.
  • The coupon code will give a set number of months free access, lasting at least until June 2016.
  • The offer is only eligible on the Egg, Chick, Fledgling, Predator and Predator+ plans. It does not include white-labelled sites, or the Account or Pro plans.
  • Eligibility is limited to companies with one Portfolio (companies with multiple Portfolios are not eligible).
  • Unless Callaghan Innovation decides to extend the offer, Portfolios which don’t fit within the free (Egg) plan will become billable at the end of the free access period.
  • Hawk IP will report to Callaghan Innovation which companies are using the coupon code , and also report aggregated (i.e. anonymous) usage statistics for those users. Hawk IP will not provide Callaghan Innovation with access to your data in the Hawk IP Dashboard (unless of course you explicitly share your Portfolio with one of their staff).