Your IP may well be your most precious asset (after your people of course!), and you’ll be pleased to know that we take its security at least as seriously as you do.

Padlock Data Security


We use Amazon Web Services (aka AWS) for hosting. AWS meets the top data security standards – ISO27001, SAS70 Type II and PCI DSS – covering both physical and network security. All our servers are presently in the USA.

Access Control

Only those registered Dashboard users whom you select have access to your Portfolios. And if anyone’s computer is lost or stolen, your data and documents are still secured on our servers.


All your communication with the Dashboard servers is via SSL encrypted connections.

Billing information

We don’t store your card billing information – we selected Recurly for that as they have the necessary PCI DSS certifications.

Padlock Data Integrity

Just as important as keeping your data secure, is keeping your data available. Always.


We operate a ‘hot-failover’ architecture for our database, file and web servers. What that means is that if there is ever a problem with one (though it’s not happened yet), there is another waiting to take its place.

Also, your documents and data are stored in realtime across two or more independent locations – so if one’s destroyed by some calamity, your data is not lost, and in all likelihood you’ll never even experience any loss of service.


As said just above, your data and documents are stored to multiple locations in real-time, but in addition we make a further backup of your data every day, just in case you or we need to go back to it. And we keep deleted Documents for 30 days in case you decide you want them back.

If you want to export your entire Portfolio in raw format, you can do so using the Snapshots feature.

One master copy

All Portfolios users access the same data so there’s no confusion about who’s got the latest version of a document or where it is.